Write a good essay introduction

If you get an education, you will have to write an essay more than once. If the conclusion of the thesis is the last stage of your work, it is no less important. Indeed, the conclusion works the same as the others, especially since this is the last impression that you leave to your teacher. It is very important to write a good essay introduction, but the conclusion is even more important. To ensure the writing of this final part, ask yourself the right questions!

First of all, be aware that in accordance with the specifications that will be imposed on you and your field of activity, certain points may differ when writing an essay. However, in all cases, the conclusion page of your memory is one of the most important pages. It must meet various criteria and, in particular, be directly related to the introduction of the essay and the topic of the essay. If it is not, then there is a problem in your reflection. The main function of the conclusion is to answer the problematic question that you raised in the introduction. The analysis you do in your essay should follow certain logic. You started with a common problem, you tried to answer it with the help of analysis and demonstration, now it’s a question of writing a global answer. Re-read your memory completely with your head down. If everything seems logical to you and your words seem coherent, it means that you have come to your conclusion.

Be careful, your output should not be a simple summary of your memory. As the name implies, you will have to draw your own conclusions. You should actually repeat the conclusions drawn from each part, but you should be able to derive a general reflection of all these mini-conclusions. It’s about seeing more, and all the pieces of the puzzle that you created make sense together. Once the conclusion is written, improve the style: check the length of sentences and improve vocabulary, for example. Also pay attention to the language register used, it must be adapted to the style (neither too ordinary nor too pompous).

Write an interesting conclusion: if it consists only of platitudes and what has already been said in the development process, this will devalue your work. Think to finish at the opening, which will further push your thoughts. If you have an interesting idea that expands your work and raises issues related to your findings, do it! The discovery shows that your thinking does not stop there and that you understand that the answers to your problems raise other questions.

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